Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction has been called an ancient form of soul care.  A Spiritual Director is a spiritual companion—one who can help you to articulate the presence, direction, and voice of God in your life.

Spiritual direction provides a confidential holy atmosphere where these kinds of questions may be discussed:

  • Am I stuck in my relationship with God?
  • Where has God been lately?
  • How can I experience a deeper more intimate relationship with the Lord?
  • How do I think of God?
  • How can I become more aware of God all day long?

If you are thinking:  ‘I want a spiritual facilitator who can provide opportunity and giftings to nurture, protect, watch, and guide me forward into the full image of Christ.’—then spiritual direction may be for you!


Rev. Peter Cusick is the founder and director of Beside Peaceful Streams ministries.


For more information on Spiritual Direction or for availability and pricing please contact Peter Cusick