REGENERATE intends to re-establish lost relationships in congregations.  To make our local church communities centers of life, symbols of hope, hubs of health and healing.

REGENERATE means that relationally we are meeting the most significant needs of our communities.

REGENERATE means that we will take AGAPE to individuals who have become increasingly lonely and in search of intimacy.

Imagine introducing your communities to an experience in the very essence of God.

Imagine creating life-long relationships and disciples for the Kingdom.

REGENERATE is a resource of tools, methods and wise council designed to help pastors bring vitality to themselves, their calling and their church. REGENERATE relates directly to everything that God is. God is consistently regenerating his creation. The Bible says creation is anxiously awaiting its ultimate REGENERATION. God decrees REGENERATION because of his AGAPE love towards us all.

REGENERATE is foremost about you as a person.


We are at our best when our goal is to heal and grow in relationship. Our dream for each of you is that your calling to Christ is REGENERATED.

You remember that calling that first led you to prepare, that calling that you still long for. That calling that keeps you up at night! We want your calling to become a renewed reality. Prayerfully and tactically, we have prepared pathways that lead to REGENERATED pastoral families. Marriage and family struggles are real and we want to support you in creating steps towards healthier families.

Imagine having time for Sabbath rest and personal spiritual formation. Imagine having margins and re-creation for in your life and family. Imagine experiencing proper regeneration for your soul.

We are re-imagining leaders who are healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, financially and then modeling this to their church. REGENERATE is designed to pro-activity re-imagine you in your journey.


REGENERATE – What is it?

REGENERATE is a radical resource for vitalizing health and growth.

REGENERATE is a facilitated movement within our District and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

REGENERATE emphasizes turning a plateaued leader or a declining church around and moving them back towards health and growth.

REGENERATE essentially has three stages:

  1. Discovery – we walk with you in personal and congregational assessments and discovery of your local passion.
  2. Development – we assist you in creating a laser focused vision, unique to your context, so you may move forward.
  3. Deployment – we empower you to move your dreams to the front of the bus, by creating energized teams that drive the process forward.


What should I do next?

Move from empathy to initiative.

The feedback tells us that many of our churches desire to REGENERATE. This is not a forced top down initiative.This is not a silver bullet. We will only go to partnered churches when invited to come.

REGENERATE is a process not a quick fix.

REGENERATE will become the “signature discipline” in our leadership culture. Not merely years of service, but specific vitality metrics that will be measurable and substantial in your life and the life of your local church.

Accountability will be a Foundational Core Value. Together let us discover the passion in your life and your local church and catalyze it in a healthy and fruitful way.