Creative Resource

Who We Are And What We Do

The Creative Resource is a network of volunteer partners who are passionate about equipping the local church with mentorship,
consulting, and resourcing, in order to facilitate effective creative ministry.



The purpose of mentorship, as facilitated by the Creative Resource, is to provide ministers with a network of mutual support that:

Provides on-going training specific to individual creative ministry leaders’ needs.

Provides a safe space to dialogue about how to navigate the tensions between heritage, church culture and relevant creative expression.

Provides coaching to creative ministry leaders on team dynamics and creative vision, while considering the local church context.

The purpose of consulting, as facilitated by the Creative Resource, is to work alongside creative ministry leaders, connecting them to already established creative networks, individuals, training and organizations who could provide them with assistance in moving forward in the areas of worship, media, and technology. The Creative Resource would provide churches with tailored consultations specific to the size, budget, demographic, and vision of the local church.

The purpose of resourcing, as facilitated by the Creative Resource, is to provide ministers with practical tools that:

Make existing resources available in the areas of worship, media and technology.

Broadcast learning opportunities for creative ministries, including conferences, web tools, musician training, sound mixing, and worship experience ideas.

Assist WOD leaders in analyzing and designing a plan for acoustics, sound, lighting and video that would suit their ministry space, vision, and needs.