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Employment Opportunity: Full-time – Director of Pastoral Leadership Major / Teaching Faculty

Master’s College & Seminary (MCS) invites applications for a full-time position for Director of Pastoral Leadership Major / Teaching Faculty at the undergrad college level. Our ideal candidate will be committed to fulfilling the ministry calling of teaching by instructing and mentoring undergraduate students inside and outside of the classroom.

Master’s College & Seminary is located in Peterborough, Ontario, about one and one-half hours northeast of Toronto. The college is a growing and thriving learning community, committed to creating a learning environment that provides programs and services that equips Pentecostal leaders for ministry. Our vision is to be the institution of choice in Eastern Canada for those seeking Pentecostal training for Christian ministry.


Salary range is $58000 – $66000 based on experience and education level. MCS provides health/dental benefits and matching RRSP/Pension contributions. Note that this position may not qualify for Clergy Housing Allowance.

Application Deadline:

Qualified applicants are invited to submit a cover letter, CV/resume and a statement of teaching philosophy to Esther Dillabough ( no later than August 31, 2020. Review of applications will begin after this date, with an anticipated start-date for this position of June 1, 2021.

  • be well qualified by training, ministry, and teaching experience (8-10 years as a ministry practitioner preferred), to fill their respective positions, with experience in diverse settings, including multi-ethnic contexts, and hold a minimum of a Master’s degree in an area related to this position (doctorate preferred).
  • have strong relational, pastoral, and coaching abilities for mentoring students.
  • be a self-starter with evidence of entrepreneurial implementation of successful and original ideas and/or programs, strategic thinking, and missional focus relevant to the position.
  • embrace a collegial attitude, and be willing work with other faculty in the development of programs and curriculum.
  • have a strong classroom presence, including comfort with using various pedagogical methods and technologies.
  • be credential holders in good standing with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), or their affiliates, subscribing to the doctrinal beliefs, teachings and practices of the PAOC as set forth in their official doctrinal statements. (Upon hire, must be willing to transfer credentials to the PAOC if these are held otherwise.)
  • demonstrate irreproachable Christian character and conduct according to Biblical standards and adhering to By-Law 10.2, “Qualifications” of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Constitution
  • be members of a PAOC church, or one of their affiliates.

The faculty of MCS is committed to the spiritual and ministry formation of persons who are preparing for Christian service within the PAOC and beyond. Faculty are committed to the calling of ministry as is indicated in Ephesians 4 and to exercise those gifts and callings as instructors, mentors, and coaches both inside and outside the classroom setting.

This position will involve both administrative/mentoring supervision of students in the BTh Pastoral Ministry Major, as well as teaching courses. The teaching load the Director of Pastoral Major will be six to eight three-credit courses per academic year including all semesters.

The faculty of MCS shall:

  •  represent the College with excellence, encouraging students to fulfill their calling and giving pastoral care with wisdom, clarity and compassion.
  • shape and assist in the development and implementation of the academic and training programs, policies, and procedures of the College program.
  • be committed to the creation of a learning environment that employs effective instructional methods and materials, and is responsive to the personal and professional needs of students.
  • be people with a vision for, a knowledge of, and experience in the life and ministry of the local church, and show a willingness to be meaningfully involved in ministry (preferably in the local church setting) according to their personal gifts and abilities.

Relationship to Organization:

Master’s College and Seminary (MCS) is a ministry training institution that is mandated by the Eastern Districts of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada to provide training of ministry leaders for its churches and ministry organizations.

Reports to: This position reports directly to the Academic Dean.


Fulltime Faculty members shall:

  • teach subjects as assigned by the Academic Dean.
  • prepare and submit course syllabi for approval to the Academic Dean, and confirm textbook selections in advance of the beginning of the semester.
  • select and prepare learning assignments and examinations for each course at a standard suitable to College level study.
  • hold classes at scheduled times and locations, honouring the College’s reading and examination periods.
  • evaluate students’ work, providing adequate and timely feedback to students, and submitting grades by the dates established by the Registrar’s Office.
  • adhere to the academic policies set by the Academic Council (AC) and the College Council (as set out in the Academic Policies Manual).
  • maintain significant office hours at regular intervals each week for advising, coaching and supporting students on matters pertaining to assigned subjects and/or personal needs.
  • attend official college functions and events including College chapels, graduation services, the “Learning Day” component of Boot Camp, and, when possible, student social events and activities.
  • help to shape educational policy, attend and serve on standing and ad hoc committees, attend Faculty Days, contribute to the accreditation self-study process and regular assessment activities, and share expertise by mentoring adjunct faculty.
  • participate in special assignments as determined by the President or the Academic Dean such as missions trips, summer teaching, promotional events (e.g. Prodigy Days), student travel teams, occasional weekend ministry.
  • remain intentionally connected to pastors and to the local church.
  • attend the District Conference in which their credentials are held.

The Director of Pastoral Leadership Major shall:

  • serve as a consultant to the Academic Dean in designing the Pastoral Leader Major description and objectives.
  • serve as a consultant to the Academic Dean in designing and modifying curriculum related to the Pastoral Leader Major.
  • serve as a consultant to the Academic Dean in selecting teachers for Pastoral Leader Major courses.
  • teach at least 50% of the Pastoral Leader Major courses each academic year.
  • supervise and coordinate key field excursions related to the Major.
  • participate in the teaching and/or evaluation of Pastoral Leader Major students in the Strategic Ministry course.
  • mentor and advise Pastoral Leader Major students.
  • serve as a primary consultant to the PAOC Districts for determining internship placement of Pastoral Leader Major students.
  • monitor and advise Pastoral Leadership Major students on internship, and be responsible to review internship evaluations, and record final internship grades.
  • use opportunities to promote the Pastoral Leadership Ministry Major both within and outside the MCS context.
  • fulfil other duties related to the Pastoral Leader Major as assigned by Academic Dean.


To apply for this job email your details here

Address: 780 Argyle Street Peterborough, ON K9H 5T2