District Ministries Director - WOD

The Western Ontario District is moving away from a management model towards becoming a leadership development organization. We believe this is the best way to fulfil our vision of ministry expansion through healthy leaders and healthy churches. As a result, we are seeking leaders who will increasingly adjust towards developing leaders through a systematic approach of identifying, recruiting, and training leaders to build leaders who build leaders.

The District Ministries Director will provide leadership across the Western Ontario District by helping to inspire and resource leaders to shape their culture towards spiritual vitality. Under the direction and leadership of the District Superintendent, the Director of District Ministries will provide support services and leadership to assist District Ministry Leaders and local churches create, develop, and deploy strategy according to District approved policies and procedures.


Key Responsibilities

As a member of the Operations Team (OPS), you will serve the Western Ontario District by promoting the mission and values of the Western Ontario District, including overseeing adherence to values and mission by being a key contact person and ambassador.

The District Ministries Director will be responsible for supervising, developing, and implementing various ministry programs and initiatives as directed by the District Superintendent. You will provide oversight, accountability and administration of the various Ministry Health Specialists including, but not limited to, the following District Ministries and Networks:


  • Youth (The Student Collective)
  • Children & Family (Next Gen)
  • Women/Men
  • Counselling/Restoration (Cred. Care)
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Spiritual Direction
  • First Nations Indigenous Ministries
  • District Camp Ministries
  • Prayer Partners Network
  • Parachurch/Itinerant Network
  • Chaplaincy Network
  • Creative Resources
  • French Pastors Network
  • Retired Pastors Network
  • District Missions Representative

In coordination and cooperation of each District Ministry and Network leader you will prepare and manage the  overall District Ministries budget ensuring fiscal responsibility and assist in the setting of annual targets and objectives for each District Ministry and District Network leader.


City: Burlington, ON

Submit resumes to: Dan DiSabatino – Secretary-Treasurer

Job description is attached here